Attenborough Nature Reserve – Revisited

Attenborough Nature Reserve – Revisited

The Places We Will Go returned to a previous haunt today. We revisited Attenborough Nature Reserve. In August we ventured around the Blue Route (Kingfisher Trail) and today we thought a wander around the Yellow Route (Skylark Trail) might be a bit if fun. See Facebook for more pics.

Autumn is firmly in place, the leaves are scattered like confetti and the sky is an even, matt mid grey. The route is not as long as the blue route, but is still a significant undertaking. We circled in a clockwise fashion. We walked out to the river [Trent] and along the riverbank. There were a number of houses on the opposite side of the river nestling right up to the waters edge. There were also a few houseboats.


I think I might really enjoy a life by the river, especially as I used to like a spot of angling as a kid. We then turned away from the river and headed through some fields until we finally reached the Nottingham to Long Eaton train tracks. We then followed the route alongside the railway line that ran adjacent some smallholdings where we found some sheep, a friendly cow and a few llamas. Of course the whole journey circles some lakes and ponds, full of birds, but the Skylark route did not really allow you to get close to the waters edge in many places.


To be honest the day was fairly drab and unforgiving and although an ornithologist might have hours of fun, our kids were a little unimpressed. Nonetheless, the route we took does provide a good solid walk. Also we found a number of tracks spurred off outside the nature reserve, which I really wanted to explore, but to be honest we had neither the will nor the support of bugs and boo. I think a bike ride is definitely the best option for this trail. Eventually we arrived back at Barton Lane we turned back toward the Attenborough nature center and the car park.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to stop for a cake and a cup of tea because Bugs had a friend’s party to go to. For those of you who like M&S, Attenborough nature reserve sits behind Chilwell Retail Park, and M&S have just located a brand new M&S Food Hall (knowing nod) there. It took all our strength not to pay a visit and stock up on delicious things. Bugs and Boo hate M&S Food Hall because Sonia and I always spend so long trying to decide what to eat.

All-in-all we did have a good time, we burnt a few calories and I took a few rubbish photos. I think even if the day had been brighter, without a bike, this route is not as interesting as the blue path except for a rather friendly and inquisitive calf: although it is shorter……Until next time.

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