My Favourite Place: Lara {California}

My Favourite Place: Lara {California}

Good morning everyone. Today we have Lara from Adventures of a Mum on the blog to tell us all about her favourite place. You can also find Lara on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you go over and say hi ?

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Hello, I’m Lara – mum of 2 little boys, Henry and George who have just had their joint Birthday, turning 3 and 5 on the same day! I’ve been with my husband, Stuart, for 10 years and I’ve had my blog for 5 years and YouTube channel for just over half of that. I’ve always been hugely into traveling and have been so fortunate to have seen a lot of the world, I hope that I can pass down this passion to my children. I love sharing our adventures across my blog and YouTube and still have so much of the world to see and share!

Where is your favourite place to visit?

If we’re talking the UK it would have to be Cornwall, I grew up spending all of my summers there and have loved taking my own family there latterly. However, I would have to say my absolute favourite place in the world to visit is America; California in particular.

Why do you love it?

It’s such a diverse State – there’s so much to see, so many cultures and it’s so accessible. A 2 week roadtrip could allow one to see 10 places or more, each with their own amazing sights and exciting features. A few highlights would have to be the beaches of L.A – Manhattan Beach is probably my most favourite place in California, with it’s laid back, surfer vibe, just 2 miles from the crazy world of downtown. But then San Francisco, with vastly differing neighbourhoods, all interconnecting around the city, will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s where Stuart got down on one knee, on bustling Golden Gate Bridge, to propose! We’ve been lucky enough to go back with our eldest too – it might be time to make another trip as a family of four!

Can you describe it for me?

Cool and diverse – surf in the morning, ski in the afternoon and feast on a plethora of delicious fare in the evening.

How often have you visited?

We’ve spent quite a few months in America across a few occasions; traveling around and taking in everything it has to offer, there’s always more to go back for though!

Would you recommend other people visit and how would you sell it to them?

There’s more to California than meets the eye! If you haven’t been, definitely consider it and I think you’ll be really surprised! Don’t forget to check out Solvang while you’re there, it’s quaint, Danish charm will be something you wont be expecting!!

Tell me the one place you’d love to visit next and why?

My list is endless!! There’s still a lot of the world I want to see. Definitely some more of Canada and more of upstate New York. But one place I have been to twice and never stepped out of the airport is Singapore, so I would love to go there one day!

Thanks so much for sharing your favourite place with us Lara, California is on our list of places we wish to go so hopefully soon we will make it there. 


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  1. May 22, 2018 / 10:05 am

    Ahh, thanks so much for having me! I thoroughly enjoyed re-living these memories as I wrote this! I definitely have to go back!! Looking forward to reading other people’s favourite places Xx